Finding Me

I spent what felt like the majority of my life trying to figure out what I wanted to be 'when I grew up'. I worked a wide range of jobs and settled on one at Verizon. I loved it there. And then my oldest son was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 17 months. I struggled to find a daycare provider that was comfortable with handling the stress of his seizures. My husband and I decided that I should stay home with the kiddos.

I never really adjusted. I missed working. After several years of being a stay at home mom I discovered laser printing. Never in my life had something felt so natural. I love every minute of working with my hands and letting my creativity run wild. Few things make me happier than making new things and I'd love to design something just for you.

I've also become a foster for Family Dogs New Life shelter in Portland, OR. You'll see a section of this site is dedicated to them and helping them fund their foster program. If you would like to help a foster dog, please shop our 'Support a Foster Dog' section. Donations for current medical needs can be given directly to the foster program here:

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